How can I easily integrate SheerID into an existing end user facing Webapp?

SheerID’s JavaScript API provides functionality that is useful when integrating SheerID into user-facing web applications. The JavaScript API consists of a base JavaScript and a number of useful modules which can be included and configured, each of which is described in the Modules section of our JavaScript API page.

How do I issue requests against the sandbox vs production environment?

There are two instances of the SheerID REST API: Sandbox and Production, each with a distinct hostname – services.sheerid.com for the production environment and services-sandbox.sheerid.com for the sandbox. For full instruction, options, and how to obtain your token, read our page on Issuing Requests.

How should I interpret the verification response?

SheerID uses a three-state indicator of the ultimate result of a verification request: true, false, and null. For full information regarding these results as well as a breakdown of the verification status, check out our REST API-Verification Result and Status page.

What testing scenarios should I plan for?

Success, failure, and error are the three scenarios you should plan to test your implementation for. Read more on our Verification Scenarios page.

How can I automate document review process in sandbox testing?

To speed up sandbox testing we have introduced the automatic document review feature where a specifically named file will pass or fail document review instantly. This allows the review process to be tested without the hassle of an actual manual document review for every test. Download the testing documents and find full instructions on this process on our Automatic Document Review page.

Can I have SheerID API as a static IP address?

Some SheerID customers maintain firewall egress rule(s)/network ACL in order to allow traffic to and from SheerID. The default SheerID REST API service endpoint services.sheerid.com does not map to a static IP address, though it does change infrequently. In order to support customers with stricter network policies, SheerID has made available an alternate hostname that has a static IP address. To learn more, visit the SheerID Static IP Addressing page.

How can I get reports from SheerID?

Using our reporting tools, you can download on-demand extracts in CSV format of verification activity for a selected time period so that you can dig into the effectiveness of a campaign or promotion – in real-time – as it is happening. To learn more, download the  SheerID Reports How-To Guide.

How can I customize the email notification?

SheerID provides easy access to editing your email templates. Email Notifiers use Velocity templates to render email content and can be modified to include images and HTML headers and footers for a dynamic customer experience. To learn more, read our Customizing Email Content page.

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