REST API Error Codes

List of error codes used by the SheerID REST API and the associated human-readable messages.

Error Code Description
0 Unknown
2 Insufficient Data
3 No data source of allowed verification type(s) exists to verify the specified organization or affiliation
4 Document does not show a valid issue date. Please upload a document issued during current academic term.
5 Document does not prove current enrollment. Please upload a document that shows you are enrolled in classes for the current term.
6 Incomplete school name entered on verification form. Please enter correct school name on a new form.
7 School not eligible. This offer is restricted to Title IV Colleges and Universities.
8 School not eligible. This offer is restricted to Higher Education Institutions that issue degrees.
10 Organization name is ambiguous
21 Document does not display connection to eligible organization
22 Status selected on verification form does not match status displayed on document
30 Document does not display current or valid date
31 %sdoes not match entries on verification form or not displayed on document
32 %s was not confirmed
33 Document does not show %s as %s
34 Information on document was handwritten. Please upload an official document.
35 Document uploaded is not readable: poor image quality
36 Document does not match expected document type
37 Document was not accepted
38 We cannot accept copy/pasted word documents. Please upload an official document.
39 Awaiting documentation upload
40 More information is needed to uniquely match an individual
41 Data source is unable to satisfy request
42 Operation canceled by user
43 Operation not completed by user
49 Data source is temporarily unavailable
51 Field Value is not verified
91 Sandbox: birth date is in the future
92 Sandbox: odd birth year
93 Sandbox: SSN is all zeros
94 Sandbox: SSN is odd
95 Sandbox: ID number all zeros
96 Sandbox: ID number is odd
97 Sandbox: %s is all zeros
98 Sandbox: %s is odd
380 Composite asset review only partially satisfied
600 Awaiting answers to challenge questions
601 Challenge questions were not correctly answered
602 Waiting for Email Verification
603 User supplied invalid code
700 VerificationRequest is not active
1000 Invalid parameters
1001 Invalid date format
1002 Invalid email address format
1003 Invalid phone number
1004 First or last name exceeds 30 characters.
1005 Social security number is invalid.
1013 Person is ineligible for verification because of age.
1014 Birthdate is before the year 1900.
1017 Person may not verify again because of same person verification limit.
1300 Verification Request Parse Exception
1400 Organization is listed as unqualified for verification.
1401 Person is listed as unqualified for verification.